This is what I last wrote in 2014

“2014 might be only a day left, yet it never stops giving me lessons. Today, it gives me a lesson called ‘taking a risk’.

I’ve always been a very planned person. I avoid drama at all cost because I don’t like being involved with it. Whenever being confronted with feelings, I always take a safe retreat because I don’t like to risk myself.

I hate falling… I’m afraid no one will catch me at the bottom.

I don’t like to feel. There are many dark and twisted things ahead, things that might break me to pieces.

But that was then. If there’s one thing that 2014 teaches me as it approaches the end, it’ll be how I should take risk in falling for something or someone. Whether there’ll be someone who will catch me or not.

I choose to fall.

I choose to feel the pain.

This is not what I have planned in mind… He’s got it all: adventurous, smart, funny, awesome, and handsome. Let’s not focus on how breathtakingly awesome he is, and focus on what I’m feeling, shall we?

I’m just so happy to feel again.

I hope I will make the right steps to reach him.”


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