Rainy Leiden

Caution before reading: This post might give you diabetes. Proceed at your own risk.

Rainy Leiden

I love the rain, but now I seem to love it more

Because it was a rainy day in Leiden

And you were there

And somehow you made rain looked more beautiful

In a city that’s already so beautiful beyond compare

I have never shared my favorite thinking place with anyone else

That’s one secret you don’t know

It was right where we sat by the canal

In front of the ice-cream store

We laughed, talked, and laughed some more

You asked me a question twice

I answered you twice

Then I said something that made you smile and laughed

And we both know it was funny and cheesy at the same time

I love ice-cream, but now I love it even more

Especially the limoncello-flavoured ice-cream

And when we walked to a fast food joint

It was starting to rain pretty hard

But we didn’t hold back down

We laughed, talked, and laughed some more

About things happening around us, about our friends, about your passion, my passion, and everything in between

I just realized that I really love your smile

And your laugh

They look so perfect, perfecting your perfectly-sculpted jaw

And the sound that you made when you laugh

Is like a melody to my ear

(I would love to hear you laugh again once more)

Every second with you felt like flying pretty fast

Thank you for making my night

One night I will probably never forget

Because it was rainy, in my favorite city,

And you were there with me.


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