Spoiler-Free Unprofessional Review: Star Wars episode 7

This year’s December, something is a little bit different for me. Apart from being excited for Christmas, I’ve been waiting for this one for ages.


Mind you, I have been a Star Wars fan since God-knows-when. I believe I started liking Star Wars when I was in 9th grade (around 2005, I guess). That time, Revenge of the Sith was playing, and I was so excited to watch it, even though I had no experience of watching Star Wars yet. The only thing Star Wars-related I had was a Sandcrawler replica. I knew that in 1997, some products celebrated the 20th anniversary of Star Wars original trilogy, but that time I was only 6 years old so I did not understand anything.

Before they played Revenge of the Sith in the cinemas, a local TV station had a Star Wars month where they broadcasted the original Star Wars trilogy (episode 4 to 6) plus the newer episodes (1 and 2) every weekend. I started to catch up with the movies and I instantly fell in love with everything. Long story short, that was how I became a Star Wars fan. Can’t believe it has been 9 years since I last saw the movie on big screen.

And yesterday, I watched the new episode on the premiere day. I was so excited, I bought the pre-sale ticket two months prior to the premiere day. Back then, I didn’t really care, I just wanted to watch the movie on the first day, for God’s sake!

First of all, let me talk about the crowd inside the theater. It was the craziest movie crowd I had ever been in to. Unlike in Indonesia, where it was always silent during premiere day (I seriously can’t understand how those people can keep their chill down during premiere day), the crowd in the Netherlands was so different. At least that’s what I experienced. Before the movie, some random dude shouted random stuffs. And when the movie started and the main theme started playing, the same random dude shouted, “WOOHOOOO!!!” and clapped his hands, followed by the rest of the people in the theater. I of course joined them! And after a few minutes, the crowd went really silent and we suddenly jumped inside the whole story. There were some moments when we gasped and shouted together during several special scenes (ahem, spoiler-free, can’t really tell them!). And when the movie ended, all of us did the same thing as we did when the movie started: clapping our hands and shouting in awe. When the theater lights were turned on, I was quite shocked to see that the spectators were Star Wars fans from all ages. I could see teenagers, young adults, and some 40-50 year-old people.

I really love the movie. It feels like watching a new trilogy without forgetting the important parts of the previous ones (episode 4 to 6).

Now, about the story line. I’m sorry but I’m not going to say many things about this. You really have to see it. I do this not just because I hate spoilers and I know there are a lot of people who hates it as well, but also if I told any thing about the story line, then it would lead to the biggest spoiler ever. I told my friend that it’s the ‘mother of spoiler’ because it’s THAT big. What I can tell you for sure is that all the fan theories regarding Luke Skywalker’s affiliation to the Dark Side or that Jar Jar Binks is actually a Sith are not true. For the rest? See it for yourself!!!


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