Writer’s Block!

I’m having a lack of imagination. I don’t know what I should post.

Help me, I’m experiencing writer’s block!


Anyone can suggest me a certain topic (or list of topics) to write about? Thank you very much in advance!


7 tanggapan untuk “Writer’s Block!

  1. Posting foto aja di sekitaran tpt tinggalmu…. trs ceritain: ini tempat aku beli buah… ini beli pulsa… ini tempat beli snack favorit aku…. well I dont know if you are into that kind of writing or not, hehehe. So how are you these days, Jude? Semoga sehat2 & bahagia ya 🙂


  2. Netherlands’ winter suicide phenomena and how that delays the trains. Seriously, that ‘aanrijden met een persoon’ thing is both terrifying and stupidly funny.


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